Open-air museum

Historical and Cultural Complex NP "Pripyatsky" Open Air Museum

Many folk crafts that have existed in Belarus for centuries live in the historical memory of the people. Some have become the brand of Polesie. All tourists who are close to the original culture of the Poleshuk, NP invites you to visit the historical and cultural complex "Museum in the open air". Belarusian traditions and Polissya history, local flavor and accumulated experience of ancestors are presented in the craft settlement. Blacksmithing and pottery, straw-weaving and weaving, cooper-weaving and basket-weaving, fishing and hunting are not borrowed, which is why they are valuable, preserved through the centuries and enriched the culture of Belarusians.

We invite you to the Forge and Potter's workshop. Forged products today are beautiful, expensive and modern. And the expositions will lead you into the world of the 19th century forge with samples of products, blacksmith's tools, a forge with furs.

Makitra, layered, glazed, sparysh, pots, jugs, bowls, latushka. What a variety! And all this you can see in the pottery workshop. Not only many types, but also different manufacturing techniques are presented here: black-gloss or smoky ceramics, glazed and engobe, "scalded", etc.

Weaving is a purely feminine craft. Poles spent the long winter evenings at the cross and the spinning wheel. Weaved, sewed clothes, embroidered, preserving the ornament pattern on clothes and decor items, which was passed on for centuries. Having examined the exposition, you will see that hand weaving required a lot of skill and skill, taste and diligence. Here, golden straw products are pleasing to the eye - the most interesting type of artistic creation. The spirit of bread, of the earth, living in a dry stalk, made this material special. Bowls, dishes, boxes, flews, spiders, sculptures - an incomplete list of what you will see when you look at the exhibition.

We will travel around our settlement and visit the house, where the exhibition of coopers 'and wines' products. Now you rarely meet a cooper in Polissya.

Wooden barrels, tubs, tubs, gangs, buckets, overnight stalls with various uses: for storage, salting, water, honey, dough kneading. And next to it are products made of vines. The basket weaving was entirely based on the satisfaction of everyday needs. Dams, dams, fences, fishing tackle, household utensils, furniture - vine was used in their manufacture. Here you will be able to appreciate the light, comfortable, beautiful, durable weaving of wicker products presented at the stands.

There is no other field of human activity that has a richer history than Hunting and Fishing. Fishing and hunting have always gone side by side. Ostroga, peshnya, treadmill, box for catching loaches, venter, bow, trap - an incomplete list of tools used by woodworms when hunting and fishing. Here at the exposition you will see hunting trophies.

The craft settlement leads us to the Windmill or Windmill. The construction of the mill required great professional skill, very careful attention to the choice of material and its preparation. The most widespread type in Polesie were "goats".

We invite you to the Observation Tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the Pripyat and the floodplain.

And at the end of your trip to the "Open Air Museum" we recommend that you visit the "Poleshuk House", where professional chefs will delight you with traditional Polesie cuisine.

Cozy hall for 100 seats, where you can hold family celebrations, banquets, wedding celebrations. When drawing up a menu, an individual approach to each client.

Also on the territory of the "Open Air Museum" there is a Children's Playground. The bright colorful playground includes a slide, swings, carousels, playhouse and more. Everything is done for an interesting and safe rest for children.

Traveling around the Pripyat Polesie, tourists want to leave a memory of this wonderful land. And that's when the Souvenir Stores, located near the entrance to the complex, come to the rescue. Our staff will help you choose a gift for family and friends, business partners, colleagues. It is possible to rent souvenir shops (daily).

One of the main assets of the Pripyatsky National Park is the Pripyat River, along which you can walk on the motor ships Kirill Turovsky and Polonaise, each of which can accommodate 50 passengers. Boarding is carried out at the pier located on the territory of the Open Air Museum, and the rest of the pleasure motor ships are parked near the village of Doroshevichi. For various events (large groups), a barge is moored to the ship, which can accommodate up to 200 people.

The Pripyatsky National Park is an amazing land, riddled with numerous rivers, streams and streams that slowly carry their waters to the Pripyat and further to the Dnieper, which flows into the Black Sea. Those who prefer more secluded water trips will also be offered to rent a Motorboat and Catamarans !!! Here you can also rent a bike and get unforgettable moments and wonderful cycling experiences.

The large territory of the "Open Air Museum" is a truly special platform for carrying out joint projects with organizations, fairs, exhibitions, various holidays and events, children's parties, etc. Also on the territory of the museum there are modern and comfortable areas for campers. Parking places are provided with water, sewerage, electricity, garbage collection.

We will be glad to see you !!!