Characteristics of the enterprise

In accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR No. 200 of June 3, 1969, the Pripyat State Landscape-Hydrological Reserve was organized, on an area of 61.5 thousand hectares. and transferred to the subordination of the Ministry of Forestry. 
In 1994, the reserve was transferred to the Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus; in the same year, the lands and property of the Leninsky Shlyakh collective farms were included in it. and "Chyrvony kastrychnik", on the basis of which subsidiary agriculture was created, and in 1995, due to the transferred parts of the forest lands of the Petrikovsky and Zhitkovichi forestry enterprises, the "Experimental forestry and hunting economy" was formed. In 1996, the reserve was renamed the National Park.
Currently, the state environmental institution "National Park" Pripyatsky "is a multifunctional institution with diversified activities. In addition to fulfilling its main tasks such as preserving the natural complex, organizing environmental education, enlightening and educating the population, developing and introducing scientific methods of nature conservation and environmental management into practice, the institution conducts an integrated economy based on scientifically grounded traditional technologies. 
The activities of the national park are very extensive, this is the implementation of protective measures to comply with environmental legislation in specially protected natural areas and other forest areas, forestry, woodworking production based on high-performance and high-quality technologies, the development of agricultural activities, the operation of retail outlets with shops for processing agricultural products, implementation tourist activities with the involvement of foreign citizens, hunting and fishing activities with the implementation of measures for the reproduction of the animal world, foreign economic activity.