Woodworking production

In 1996, on the basis of the experimental forestry and hunting farm "Lyaskovichi" with an area of 11,537 hectares, the timber processing complex "Lyaskovichi" was created. 
The launch of the first stage of the complex took place on September 1, 1997, and in 1998, the serial production of finished products began. 
An important factor is that DPK "Lyaskovichi" has a complete production cycle, from deforestation to the release of finished products. 

The Lyaskovichi Woodworking Complex is one of the largest parquet manufacturers in the Republic of Belarus. WPC also produces the following types of products: 
• Planed moldings (floor board, lining, plinth, platband, etc.); 
• Edged and unedged sawn timber; 
• Flight and container blanks; 
• Charcoal. 

    Our products meet all technical requirements and European standards. The material undergoes technical drying to a moisture content of 8% in drying chambers equipped with computers. The products are manufactured on the Italian equipment “A.Costa”, which allows achieving high quality and good geometry of parquet and planed moldings. 
DPK "Lyaskovichi" offers a wide range of parquet flooring from different types of wood - oak, ash, maple. 
- Parquet is available in various sizes. After visual manual sorting, the parquet floor differs in appearance, namely, in color, wood texture, texture. Parquet manufacturers distinguish three types of parquet: the highest (radial, nature), the first (classic, rustic), the second (primitive) 
Competently selected and well-laid parquet has a beautiful appearance and, with proper care, can serve without replacement for several decades.

 - The parquet board was invented as a radical replacement for block parquet and solid parquet board. A relatively new material is also environmentally friendly and completely natural, just as beautiful, no less durable and wear-resistant, and with proper care it is also very durable. At the same time, it is much easier to install, lighter, thinner and, finally, cheaper. In Europe today, 60% of wooden floors are made of three-layer parquet boards..

-  Floor board - ideal for large spaces. With special grace it demonstrates all the texture and sophistication of natural wood. A floorboard covered with wax or oil contributes to the creation of unique interiors, including "antique" ones. A beautiful and environmentally friendly natural wood flooring will create coziness in your home or cottage and highlight the elegance of your office.

- Sheathing board "lining" can be used for cladding houses both outside and inside. Larch can be used for cladding baths, since larch, dried according to all the rules, is not subject to decay.

- Functionally, platbands are designed to cover the border between the door frame and the wall. On different sides of the same door, they can differ both in profile and in width. But if several doors enter the room, then all doors in it must have the same platbands. If the platbands are not included in the door kit, then in order to choose their optimal width, it is advisable to buy them after installing the doors....

-  A wall-and-floor plinth can be of any shape: embossed, with a stucco pattern, etc. Its color may match the color of the wall or floor, or it may differ. The main task of such a skirting board is aesthetic. A corner without a plinth looks poor. With a beautiful plinth, the wall turns into an architectural structure. 
Our products are in demand not only in the Belarusian market, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. 
In 2002, the products of DPK "Lyaskovichi" were awarded the national mark of consumer quality in Belarus - "The best product of the year - 2002". The main goal set for itself in the work of DPK "Lyaskovichi" is the constant improvement of the manufactured products in terms of consumer and technical indicators.