Certification Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council)

It is generally recognized that forest resources and associated land must be managed to meet the social, economic, environmental, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations. In addition, as society becomes aware of the threat of degradation and destruction of forests, consumers wanted to have a guarantee that by buying products from the forest complex, they do not harm or destroy forests, but rather, on the contrary, contribute to the preservation of forest resources for the future. In response to these demands, certification and self-certification programs for forest products began to appear on the market.

Forest Stewardship Council, (Forest Stewardship Council®) — it is an international organization that accredits certifying organizations, thus ensuring that certification meets its requirements.

The purpose Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) is to support the environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests through the development of universally recognized, credible forest management standards.

Environmentally responsible forest management ensures that the harvesting of timber and non-timber forest products does not threaten biodiversity and does not reduce the productivity and ecological functions of the forest. Sustainable forest management provides both the local population and society as a whole with the benefits of forest management in the long term, and also creates incentives for local people to conserve forest resources and conduct forestry based on long-term planning.

Economically sustainable forest management means that forest management is structured and implemented in such a way that it provides sufficient economic benefits without loss of forest resources, ecosystem quality and without damage to local populations. The contradictions between the need to generate financial profit and the principles of responsible forest management can be minimized by applying efforts to the production of deeply processed forest products.

Benefits. Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization supporting a system that provides an opportunity for all parties with interests related to forest relations to carry out activities aimed at responsible forest management.

Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) provides forest owners, organizations, forest managers, processing companies, non-governmental organizations and other interest groups with equal access and a voice in a forest governance mechanism that is democratic, transparent and provides equal access to governance.

Moreover Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) provides an additional effect, which is as follows:

– international recognition of the idea that forest management should not jeopardize natural forest wealth and forest operations should be consistent with this idea;

– the ability to find new markets for FSC-certified products and the associated market recognition of the need for responsible forest management;

– the possibility of interaction between various parties involved in the development of responsible forest management - forest owners, social, environmental organizations in order to solve problems arising in forest relations;

– guarantee for future generations that they will be able to benefit from the use of forest resources;

– guarantee that forest management practices will be responsible, with positive dynamics in their development;

– guarantee of respect for the rights of forest owners;

– guarantee of the legality of forest use;

– guaranteeing respect for the rights of workers and indigenous peoples;

– ensuring that areas of natural value and habitats of endangered species are not adversely affected;

– the possibility of using a trademark Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council), demonstrating that this product is obtained as a result of legal and responsible forest use;

– the possibility of opening new markets for products certified under the scheme Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council);

– the possibility of obtaining support for responsible forest management from the authorities of all levels.

Scheme certification Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) carried out by certification bodies accredited in the system Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council). Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council), as an organization does not carry out forest certification. Thereby Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) has the ability to maintain an independent approach in the development of requirements and standards, as well as an independent attitude towards certification companies.

Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council) carries out monthly updates of information on certificates issued by certification bodies accredited in the system Forest Stewardship Council® (Forest Stewardship Council).

Biodiversity of the National Park "Pripyatsky"

The current list of the flora of the NP «Pripyatsky» includes 927 species of higher vascular, 196 species of bryophytes, 321 species of algae.

The fauna of vertebrates in the park numbers 364 species. Including: 51 species of mammals (91.1% of the fauna of the Belarusian Polesye); 254 birds (90.4%), 7 species of reptiles (100%), 13 species of amphibians (100%), 48 species of fish (95%).

List of plants included in Red Book of the Republic of Belarus, found on the territory of the National Park "Pripyatsky" and ELOH "Lyaskovichi"

Animals included inRed Book of the Republic of Belarus, meeting on the territory of the GPU NP "Pripyatsky" and ELOH "Lyaskovichi"

Map of habitats of animals included in Red Book of the Republic of Belarus, living on the territory of the National Park.

Schematic map of the locations of plants, mosses, lichens included in RB Red Book on the territory of the National Park.

Schematic maps Red Book animals and plants identified on the territory of ELOH "Lyaskovichi".

List archaeological sites of the National Park "Pripyatsky"

List of historical and cultural values ELOH “Lyaskovichi”

List of forest plots with target protection regime




Landscape reserve of republican significance "Middle Pripyat", 2681 hectares

Zhitkovichi (ELOH Lyaskovichi)

62-65/162-165, 81-88/181-188, 100-108/201-209, 114-118/215-219

Natural monument of republican significance "English oak", 10 hectares

Danilevichy forestry (ELOKH Lyaskovichi)



Highly productive stands









Pine trees - giant







Giant oaks





Giant hornbeam



Forest plots with permanent sample plots













High Conservation Value Forests

Monitoring Program for High Conservation Value Forests

Stakeholder communication

Procedure for the identification and accounting of High Conservation Value Forests

The management and employees of the GPU NP “Pripyatskiy” are open for communication and ask all interested parties to contact us on issues of interest, to provide us with information, both positive and negative. Phones of specialists responsible for certification: (802350) 5- 70-85, 5-70-86. Е-mail: