Pripyat National Park

Polesie of the Pripyat is situated in the south of Belarus in the center of a vast plain. Polesie is one of the most interesting geographical areas in Belarus. It spreads out on both sides of the Pripyat River in its middle course. This area is defined by high wetlands, poorly developed area and good preservation of natural complexes.

Polesie of the Pripyat is rich in contrasts. Thus, Turovschina is the richest historical and cultural region in Belarus. It is situated between the Stviga and the Pripyat. Turovschina was populated in 5-8 millennia BC. It is now devoid of forests and swamps which are transformed into agricultural landscapes. In the south and south-west densely populated Turovschina borders on almost undisturbed landscapes of National Park "Pripyatsky". Beyond these landscapes you can find sparse settlements of Polesie inhabitants among pine forests, oak forests and swamps.

We offer you getting acquainted with the historical, archaeological and cultural heritage of Polesie, with the features of daily mode of local people and with its rich nature.